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Canadian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Canadian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Canadian Evoo Is Here!

"Truly amazing! Super smooth, with a unique, rich colour and exceptional taste."

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Canadian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Highly sought after and we are lucky enough to have access to only 36 bottles!

"The Olive Farm is located in the fertile Fulford Valley on Salt Spring Island, off the west coast of Canada.  The contents of this bottle of first cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil was, from start to finish, created entirely on Salt Spring Island.  The first and only of its kind, this 100% Canadian olive oil, was planted, hand-picked and milled on-site at The Olive Farm.  In a category of its own, this exceptional oil will surprise you with its peppery notes and unique complex flavour.  We hope you are surprised and delighted by this bottle of Canadian olive oil and follow along and support us as The Olive Farm continues to pioneer a new industry on the west coast of Canada."

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