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Balsamico Modena 3 Year
Balsamico Modena 3 Year Bread Dipping

Balsamico Modena 3 Year

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Made in the heart of Modena, Italy, this balsamic is aged 3 years in wooden casks using traditional techniques. This artisanal small batch vinegar is great for everyday use on raw vegetables, grilled meats and paired with our exclusive olive oils.

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Eric B.
You can never go wrong.

This balsamic vinegar easily and tasfully fill in any need for a sweet, tangy flavour. From your most simple fresh vegetables salad, to a more robust duck breast.


Thanks Eric! This one is special for sure with those beautiful notes of molases and oak. It will definitely enhanceany dish.

Valerie Pryce
V Pryce

We love the oil and balsamic selection as gifts for special friends and have always received very positive feedback. Of course we enjoy them too!

Thanks! This is such a special small batch import. The depth and nuance in flavour is so delightful. We are happy that you love it as much as we do.

Had to come back for more

The Balsamico Modena 3 year is so thick and delicious that I used up my tiny bottle fast and had to come back for a bigger bottle soon after. It makes a fabulous glaze, emulsifies beautifully with any oil for dressings, and gave my feves au lard that extra little something that made my guest's eyes roll back in pleasure. Thanks Mike!

Thanks Lynda! We are so happy you love this small batch import as much as we do. The fact that it is aged in oak gives it so much depth and nuance in flavour. It definitely adds a little je ne sais quoi to any dish.

Nancy Q
Delicious taste!

Okay I officially love this olive oil! I am so excited to get this batch of oil, yum it's delicious! The service from this company is impeccable, I live in Northern BC and the shipping was fantastic. Can't say enough good things about this company and their oils.

Excellence in Ottawa

This is the best 3 year old balsamic in this region! Drizzled on roasted vegetables, on a salad or a drop on a piece of cheese, you can’t go wrong with this balsamic. We absolutely love it!

Thanks so much Pauline for the review! We love your enthusiasm. Say hi to Paul for us!