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These are a great addition to anyone who uses our products in the kitchen.  These pour spouts are designed to fit into our 200 ml and 750ml bottles.  They will ensure no drips occur when drizzling your dishes with your favourite oil or balsamic vinegar.

Our basic pour spout simply replaces the standard cork cap, keeping a low profile and helping reduce drips.

Our premium stainless steel pour spout adds a touch of elegance and ensure you get the perfect pour, every time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christina Sheffield
Great spout

Pours well, as described!

It is a game changer for keeping your bottle clean and controlling the pour.

Lynn Caldwell
Love these

So handy to avoid spilling too much!

Thanks Lynn! Such a game changer especially when you have a heavy hand lol!

Deborah Zoeller

Does exactly what it’s meant to

Thanks Deborah! It sure does control the pour and avoids those pesky drips. It can make your bottle last a little longer too!

Isa Parisien
Very useful !!!!

Love it

Thanks Isa! These are a game changer for sure at reducing those pesky drips and keeping your bottle and pantry shelf nice and clean. A definite must have.

Cheryl Maffre

Although the label colors are different, reading what it is, white or regular balsamic, for instance, or oil, it is not easy to read on the neck of the bottle.
Love the products, though!